How long does the mixing process take?

The way to reduce the risk of addresses being connected to each other is with a time delay. Coins are sent back as they come in. The mixing often occurs on the spot, but you should use a large network fee to be sure that the transaction can continue even if miner fees decrease.

How many confirmations do you need to accept transactions?

The number of confirmations required depends on the transaction volume:

  • Less than 25 BTC - 1 confirmation;
  • Less than 250 BTC - 3 confirmations;
  • Less than 1000 BTC - 4 confirmations;
  • More than 1000 BTC - 5 confirmations.
  • For ETH: it’s minimum 25 confirmations for any amount.

What if I accidentally closed the browser window before getting confirmation of my transfer?

You do not need to stay at the page once your transfer has been sent. As long as you send it within 24 hours, the transfer will be processed immediately.

How long is incoming address valid for?

Data could be deleted after 24 hours, so it's best to use the generated address right away. Payments will not be applied to this address in the future.

What logs do you keep?

We maintain user privacy and keep no logs, so you can be confident in using the service. Logs are deleted regularly to ensure efficiency, and to satisfy clients that want their privacy maintained.

What is the maximum transaction size?

You can send any amount of money you want, up to the amount of Bitcoin/Ethereum in the system. You have to have reserve coins in order to send coins that haven’t been sent by you.If there are limitations on how many coins you can send, we let you know before completing the transaction.

Is there a minimum transaction size?

Would you like to perform a small transaction? Unfortunately, we do not support those transactions. If a user is donating money to the system, they should write to us.

Can I trust you with large amounts of BTC and ETH?

The fact that we hold over thousands of BTC and ETH in our reserves should stand testimony to the amount of skin we have in the game. We'll never profit by running away with your coin: rather, we're more committed to staying in the business. If you feel insecure sending large amounts of coins at once, you can send money over a longer period of time in a number of transactions instead. The code within the mixer ensures that your coin is never mixed with our own and sent back to you. This ensures security, transparency and anonymity.

What is a TunnelCash code?

Your first transaction exchange with our system generates a code specially for your coins, which can't be mixed with any of the previous coins sent to the reserves. This ensures your safety and privacy.

Why should I set custom fee?

To maintain privacy, users pay in an amount that matches their service fee, with a small currency denomination added on. By looking at the publicly available cryptocurrency ledger called blockchain, people can track your transactions and find out where they're going. When sending a fixed fee of .5% is sent with an additional fee of .00005, the total received on the other end would be 99.4995 Btc. TunnelCash provides a community-based autonomous, trustworthy platform for cryptocurrency transactions. Additionally, they offer 24/7 support and protection of customers' security during the transaction process

Why should I mix my Bitcoin/Ethereum ?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are a whole new way to make transactions and transfer monetary values, but there are some security concerns. You can buy bitcoins and use them however you want once they're in your possession. Transactions are monitored on the Blockchain or global ledger tracking transactions, so it's easy to see how much money a person has transferred between parties. Your identity is also tied to every transaction because of its open nature, so you need high-quality mixers that work quickly and at scale. This also protects individual privacy as security improves over time. In order to solve the increased scrutiny that Bitcoin faces, a secure and high-quality mixer is needed. This will ensure that an individual's transactions cannot be traced due to being mixed with many other transactions. Privacy is ensured in this way, because security for each transaction increases as well. The chance for Liberty, Privacy, and Freedom of individuals from around the world also increases as security for each transaction becomes stronger.

What are the fees?

We charge a random fee in the range of 0.75% to 0.99% of the value received. This is to protect your identity as fixed fee will make it easier to trace your coins back to you.